"what music are you into?"
"i like this! it’s very grown up…"



Here’s food for thought in every AHS season Jessica Lange has worn a significant red dress. In MH Constance donned a wrap dress when she killed Hugo and Moira. For Asylum Judy performed in sequins. In Coven Fiona wore a slinky number when going out with Madison then later killing her. Now this red one in Freak Show. Anyone think it has significance beyond her looking great in the color?



Overall positioning - It’s a balancing act, like those ones in logic. Lange is the HBIC, I’m assuming, and Bette and Dot are central to the story, as well. Father and son are both on the bottom tier opposite of Lange. Maybe there’s disparity there? Chiklis is holding up O’Hare and Bates (his ex-wife). Maybe he sides with the opposition this season and isn’t quite so over his ex? Peters on the other hand is holding up Conroy and Bassett (his stepmom). Looks like more Mommy issues for Peters’ character. Additionally, with the boys at the bottom of the pyramid, it looks like the alleged “girl power” of last season is out. The boys are back in town and holding things down or rather up.

Denis O’Hare looks like Walt Disney. Haha

Kathy Bates - hirsutism aka The Bearded Lady

2 sets of Vaudevillian like giant pairs on both ends.

A sword-swallower.

What appears to be a blonde dancer in the greenish blue, tracking Jessica Lange’s boa on the ground behind her. She’s the inversion of the girl in pink on the right.

2 boys (crashers?) next to the sword swallower.

A blonde contortionist in a bird cage. Reminds me of that Fallen Angel fake promo… *cough*

Michael Chiklis - the typical strong man.

Bette and Dot

Umm.. Drawing a blank on Bassett and Conroy. Look innocent enough. EDIT: A lovely anon pointed out that Bassett is in fact very well endowed. Like unnaturally so. Three boobs? Huh. That’s new.

Of course, Jessica Lange in the center of a triangle. Again with the 3s on this show.

Peters - once again looks like a greaser. Not seeing the lobster boy thing.

The girl in pink behind Evan looks like Roberts to me. Totally guessing. She’s the inverse of her mirror in green on the left, in terms of positioning. It looks like she is missing a leg or it could be behind her head… Two? three contortionists?

The tall guy in plaid with what looks like a long goatee, I swear looks like Quinto. Regardless, I guess, he is the “giant”?

Now, the little “man” in front, I’m guessing is Amge in costume? No clue. Once again looks reminiscent of the small figure in that fake Fallen Angel promo *cough*

I find it interesting though that there is a triangle behind Lange, and a weird king/saintly looking shadow cast behind Chiklis and the boys in the back. I guess it could be the clown though?

#WirSindAlleFreaks - in German. We are all Freaks. Denoting Lange’s character background.



Zoe was able to do all of The Seven Wonders. I feel like that means she was her generation’s Supreme. Cordelia was in her 30’s, she was apart of a separate generation. So, maybe Zoe was Cordelia’s successor. She performed the powers but she hadn’t mastered all of them yet. I wish we could get a spin-off of this season. So much stuff they could explore. Showing Queenie & Zoe teaching the new girls. Cordelia being in charge and dealing with her superiority. Kyle getting better and smarter. Other Voodoo descendants appearing. Backlash from the public for the knowledge of witches existing. And a lot more. It was said, when announced that Coven wasn’t going to be a spin-off, that it was because of an important character dying. That they were needed to continue the story. But I don’t think that’s true. The spin-off would have been great with just the characters left. Out of all 3 seasons, this was the one that could continue for another season.